Technical Personnel

You can rent equipment anywhere, but the personnel that run that equipment are the most important part of putting together a successful event. All of our personnel have had extensive training and years of experience in the corporate industrial world.

Directors, technical directors, lighting designers and directors, audio engineers, projectionists, operators, stage managers, general labor set/strike, camera operators, computer operators.


Our photographers have extensive experience in multi-image, stills, video, and mixed media formats. From photographing candid modules, award ceremonies, and social events to specific applications, August West can bring your image to the screen. We have carefully selected our photographers for their unique ability to photograph under all types of adverse conditions. In addition to technical skills, our photographers are people-oriented, outgoing, and personable. This combination of technical and personable service creates the types of photo opportunities essential in the documentation of your event.


Digital imaging, color processing and printing, E-6 processing, B&W processing and printing, pick-up and delivery at your location, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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From AOL, Motorola, The University of Arizona to Concert Stars like Eddie Money and Kenny Chesney, we can
handle your event from beginning to end. Call for a free consultation and get your event started on the right track.
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